Deborah Ludwig has been journal writing since 1992, so when was diagnosed with leukemia on December 18, 2003, she decided that journaling would be one way of coping with her illness. That journal became her first book, Rebirth: A Leukemia Survivor’s Journal of Healing during Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, and Recovery. It was written with the intention of helping other cancer survivors and their loved ones.

Ms. Ludwig is a blogger and speaker who writes and talks about the benefits of journaling and expressive writing to achieve goals, to maneuver through periods of change, and to heal. As a self-professed political junkie, she also analyzes current events and political issues, mainly in the areas of democracy reform and healthcare. Deborah is an actor possessing credits in film, television, commercials, and theatre. She resides in the New York City area and is a First Connection and Advocacy Network volunteer for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, as well as a member of their Speakers Bureau.

Deborah Ludwig Deborah Ludwig Deborah Ludwig

Photos by Karen Culp