Photo by Kristin Hoebermann


Prince Hal – Animated Theatreworks (Bernice)

Deborah Ludwig gives a strong, forthright performance as the non-Jewish girl who invades a foreign land…

— Irene Backalenick, Back Stage

Crimes of the Heart – Ovation Theatre Company (Meg)

Ms. Ludwig gives Ovation a memorable farewell as she captures the scarred nuances of Meg. Sometimes weary, sometimes rebellious, always believable, it’s another performance well worth seeing.

— Joseph McDonough, Cincinnati Enquirer

A Night of Lanford Wilson One Acts – Ovation Theatre Company
The Moonshot Tape (Diane)

The performance worth waiting for—and worth twice the $15 ticket price—is Deborah Ludwig performing a harrowing monologue in The Moonshot Tape…It’s a gorgeous turn…

— Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

Deborah Ludwig provides the best performance of the bunch in The Moonshot Tape

— Rick Pender, City Beat

Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show (14 different roles) – Ovation Theatre Company

Ludwig is especially funny as one of the two older women taking a women’s studies class involving a trip to a performance art piece about “womyn.”

— Rick Pender, City Beat